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Trooper Phillips

Phillips had been dispatched to locate a possibly impaired driver in the area of milepost 155. The trooper's vehicle was struck by a vehicle traveling south in the northbound lanes.


Both vehicles caught fire. 


Phillips was flown to the Ohio State University Medical Center.

According to Ohio Going Blue, the trooper's father said Phillips was doing well and "everything is moving in a positive direction."

Trooper Jason Phillips was pulled from his burning patrol car by good Samaritans who stopped to help after Thursday's wrong-way crash on I-71 in Morrow County. (Photo: Ohio Highway Patrol)


The post said Phillips was responding well to stimuli. His right hand, which had been cold, was warm as of Sunday. Phillips was facing possible leg surgery and a tracheotomy.

He joined the patrol as a member of the 164th Academy Class and earned his commission in November.

As of Monday afternoon, more than 4,800 people had posted encouraging comments on the Facebook post.

FedEx driver Harold Heller, of Canal Fulton, said he also stopped to help. He said he was coming back from Columbus with his windows down when he heard police sirens. 

"He (Phillips) went flying by me," Heller said. "I saw his taillights go up in the air. There was a real bright light from the fire. "We had to find something to break the window and cut the seat belt. Somebody else helped pull him out; I don't know who it was."  Heller said he initially feared Phillips had died. He said the trooper couldn't talk but did gasp for air.

Heller said he used a cooler to break the window and a razor knife to cut Phillips' seat belt.

"It (car) was burning a little bit," Heller said. "When we got him out and away from the car, it was engulfed in flames. Both of (the vehicles) were."


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