On October 14, 2013 Beau underwent a final Petscan after 8 months of chemo to confirm he was cancer free! Exactly 6 years later, on October 14, 2019 a Petscan confirmed that the cancer is back, more widespread than before and also involves the bones. Chemo has begun followed by a stem cell transplant.


So many already know and have been praying. Could there be anything more comforting than knowing you are being prayed for when your own prayers have been stretched to their breaking point? To have your head held above the drowning waters by the King himself? Most people will never go through this kind of hell on earth but we have a peace about it. A peace only God can provide. He does NOT make mistakes! His nature is to redeem, restore and strengthen and we do not doubt this truth just because we are in the darkness. This terrible season WILL come to an end and we will see the goodness. There is beauty in the suffering and we hope you will join us in it!


Here's to another round of kicking cancers butt! #beaustrong

Help support #Foreverbeaustrong by purchasing a shirt below. All proceeds go to Beau and his family to continue the fight to be strong! 

If you would like to make a donation to the family, please click on the link below. 




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